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Storage Tips

Below are the most helpful tips for mobile storage.
If you have a question about something that is not listed below, please call us at 262-335-2450.

Storage Tip #1

The most important storage tip is to use River Road Mobile Storage. We always make storing your items easy and affordable. Plan your storage and put items you may need at the front of the container near the door.

Storage Tip #2

Seasonal items such as clothes, golf clubs and other items are not always thought about because of the time of year you are storing them. If these items are going to be stored into another season, you may want to have easy access to them later.

Storage Tip #3

Back up financial records should also be kept towards the front of the storage container, to avoid having to search for them later on.

Storage Tip #4

Position boxes and items of similar size together to minimize wasted space.

Storage Tip #5

Place smaller boxes or belongings into drawers and in appliances to maximize space while moving.

Storage Tip #6

The cavity of drawers and dryers make great storage cubbies.

Storage Tip #7

It is important to clearly mark each moving box or each plastic bin so you can easily find your belongings when needed.

Storage Tip #8

Store items from the same area into boxes or plastic bins.

Storage Tip #9

For plastic bins that you may not want to write on, you can use scotch tape and write on that to prevent damage to your bins.

Storage Tip #10

Place dust sheets or protective covering over soft furnishings.

Storage Tip #11

Moving blankets, towels, and regular blankets all make great buffers so that items don’t rub together during shipping, moving, or storing so they are better protected.

Storage Tip #12

Make sure to use packing supplies such as packing peanuts and packing tape to secure your more breakable objects in moving boxes or plastic totes and or bins while moving.

Storage Tip #13

Plastic Bins are a great idea to use while moving or storing and they always come in handy after you move for organizing attics or garages.

Storage Tip #14

Make sure to leave space for access to the rear of the unit, as well as in between boxes so you can navigate through the unit.

Storage Tip #15

Use furniture covers or dust sheets between surfaces to protect from scratches.

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